We operate a highly personalised and economical service for all forms of internet presence. Websites, inter-active information, booking and reservation systems, on-line catalogues and secure purchasing and payment systems all form part of our expertise, and all are created to order, with you specific needs in mind.

A "do-it-yourself" facility for building a basic website is being developed. This will allow you to create a simple website with no knowledge of design or production, and you just type in the text, choose the colours and styles, and the website is created for you.

Website services for charities and community groups are available at discounted rates, and the DIY facility will also be available there.
Click here to e-mail for community internet facilities with www.argyllnet.org.uk
You can have your own domain name in argyllnet -- www.yourclub.argyllnet.org.uk - - - or on bermeja.net -- www.yourfinca.bermeja.net - - - or with idimo - - www.yourwebsite.idimo.com
You can learn simple website building by following the outline provided, using software available freely on the internet.

Virus and other support information is also available, and we recommend you to use good protection software as described.
You might be amazed to see what browsers miss. Check your browser compatability to find out if you are not seeing everything a website might be offering.
Argyllnet and Bermeja.net are now part of IDIMO - the International Data & Internet Maintenance Organisation, rapidly becoming one of the leading internet service providers. Existing clients will see no changes, and new clients will have the benefit of the same personal service, but with more facilities available to advance their internet presence.

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